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Are all Charge Air Coolers Built the Same? The Differences You Need to Know

Diesel trucks have an important job to perform, so it’s essential to make sure every part is built to precise specifications. If all the parts aren’t designed and manufactured with the utmost care and attention, the entire system could fail. As any truck owner or mechanic knows, diesel repairs aren’t cheap.

Your truck’s charge air cooler (or intercooler) is responsible for keeping the air going into your engine nice and cool, promoting engine efficiency and fuel economy. Of course, that’s only if it’s built properly. When searching for a charge air cooler, it’s important to know that not all intercoolers are built the same. Here’s what to look for in a quality charge air cooler.

A Well-Built Charge Air Cooler Should Be Leak-Free

Leaks are the biggest downfall of any charge air cooler. Not only do leaks impact power, fuel economy, and overall performance, but over time, small leaks turn into big leaks and can cause catastrophic engine failures. Many charge air cooler manufacturers don’t think minor leaks are a big problem. They even post disclaimers on their websites that state, “charge air coolers are not designed to be 100% airtight or leak-free.”

If you see a similar disclaimer on a manufacturer’s website when searching for a new charge air cooler, keep looking! Even if they offer the best prices, a slight discount isn’t worth a low-quality part that’ll cost you more in repairs and downtime down the road.

The Dura-Lite Difference

Your truck is your livelihood. Use quality parts to ensure it performs its best for miles to come.

At Dura-Lite, we understand the importance of creating quality parts. To guarantee our Evolution® charge air coolers are 100% leak-free, they undergo a rigorous testing process before they leave the factory:

  • Evolution charge air coolers are pressurized to 30 35 PSI.
  • They’re then submerged in water.
  • If any bubbles are found (no matter how small), the charge air cooler is repaired and retested.
  • If it’s not 100% leak-free after the repair, the charge air cooler is repaired until it is.

Build quality is so important to us that every Dura-Lite Evolution charge air cooler is 100% leak-free before it leaves the factory! That’s the Dura-Lite Difference!

Choose Quality. Choose Dura-Lite

Don’t waste money on unnecessary repairs and downtime from shoddy parts. At Dura-Lite, we build the best charge air coolers on the market. With the highest build quality and leak-free guarantee, we’re so confident in our parts that we offer an industry-leading 7-year, million-mile guarantee on most Evolution® charge air coolers.

If you’re ready to experience the difference that high build quality can make, look through our online store or contact us to order a Dura-Lite Evolution® charge air cooler for yourself. A well-built charge air cooler could be the last one your truck will ever need!

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