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How Does a Heavy-Duty Radiator Work?

Every part of an engine is important, but one of the most critical parts is the radiator. A good heavy-duty radiator is vital to prevent heat from building up within the engine and keeping it running smoothly for thousands of miles. Any radiator can do that when it’s new and under normal operating conditions, but only a heavy-duty radiator can provide long-lasting durability after hundreds of thousands of miles in tough conditions.

Heavy-Duty Radiators Work

Cooling a heavy-duty engine is effectively a two-stage process. The engine contains an amount of coolant, which is circulated around the moving parts, absorbing heat within the liquid. Since the vehicle is continuously producing combustion within the engine, cooling is a necessity to remove the excess heat not going out the exhaust.

From the engine, the coolant is pumped through the radiator. This causes the coolant to release its heat energy as ram air with the help of the engine fan blows across the outside of the radiator. Once this is done, the coolant heads back into the engine block to receive more heat.

What Are the Major Parts Of A Radiator?

The core makes up most of the radiator. It’s a metal component that the coolant passes through, surrounded by fins that increase its surface area and ability to radiate the heat given off by the coolant. Smaller engine radiators may only have a thin core, although heavy-duty radiators are typically thicker for additional heat radiation. Dura-Lite reinforces it’s radiators with additional structural support where it matters the most to extend the longevity.

Outlet and inlet tanks on each side of the core provide storage space for the coolant circulating through the radiator and engine. These provide the starting and exit points from the radiator core.

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A pressure cap can be found on the top of the radiator or most typically on the expansion tank (surge tank), allowing the liquid inside to stay under the correct pressure. Pressurizing the coolant allows it to trap even more heat as it cycles around the engine. Higher pressure allows a higher boiling point of the coolant. 15 psi is the typical radiator cap pressure. It’s extremely important to never open the pressure cap while the engine is hot, otherwise, the boiling-hot coolant will spray out, likely causing serious injury.

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