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Peterbilt Charge Air Coolers

Dura-Lite offers a wide selection of charge air coolers to fit peterbilt trucks

Every DuraLite charge air cooler is designed and built as tough as your Kenworth

With proper care and maintenance, your Dura-Lite charge air cooler will last for many years to come.

An engine with a leaking charge air cooler will waste fuel and lose power. By design, the Dura-Lite Evolution® charge air cooler will save you money and time, keeping you out of the shop and on the road for longer. It is the most reliable charge air cooler on the market.

Dura-Lite charge air coolers fit the following Peterbilt models:

  • C500
  • C500B
  • Cummins M-8.3 400 HP
  • Peterbilt Garbage Truck
  • K100
  • K100E
  • Peterbilt Refuse Truck
  • Peterbilt Sanitation Truck
  • T200
  • T2000
  • T270
  • T300
  • T370
  • T400
  • T450
  • T600
  • T600A
  • T660
  • T680
  • T700
  • T800
  • T800B
  • T800H
  • T800HH
  • T800W
  • T880
  • W900
  • W900A
  • W900B
  • W900C
  • W900L
  • W900S

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Dura-Lite Evolution – Your replacement Peterbilt Charge air cooler.

Dura-Lite understands that Peterbilt owners take great pride in customizing their rigs with components that improve performance. Our line of CACs are built to provide a best-in-class experience you won’t find from any other manufacturer:
  • CACs purpose-built to solve design flaws and leakage issues inherent with the original equipment design.
  • Evolution® CACs designed with Dura-Lite’s Patented High Temperature Silicone Grommet Tube-To-Header Seal System.
  • Reinforced end tanks (manifolds) to reduce premature failure and reduce downtime.
  • Offset outer fin design to provide consistent performance by minimizing the buildup of debris.
  • Dyno-tested to optimize performance, power, and emissions.
  • Manufactured 100% leak-free and tested underwater before leaving the factory.
  • Over 29 years of experience manufacturing Evolution® CACs for Peterbilt and Peterbilt trucks.
  • 7 Year/ 1,000,000 Mile Warranty on most Evolution® charge air coolers.

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