Dura-Lite™ Evolution® Charge Air Coolers


Why A Dura-Lite™ Evolution® Charge Air Cooler?

Dura-Lite™ Evolution® Features

  • Dura-Lite™ Patented High Temperature Silicone Grommet Tube-To-Header Seal System allows the tubes to expand and contract  in the grommet/ header which eliminates the typical tube-to-header failure and resulting leakage.
  • Tanks are reinforced to reduce premature failure.
  • The Dura-Lite™ Offset Outer Fin design provides consistent performance by minimizing the build up of debris.
  • Dyno tested to assure the highest performance.
  • Engineered for performance, economy and durability (longevity). EPA Certified.*
  • Each cooler is tested under water to assure it is leak free before leaving the factory.

Dura-Lite™ Evolution® Warranty 

  • The Evolution® features allow Dura-Lite™ to offer a 7 Year/ 1,000,000 Mile Warranty on most Charge Air Coolers.†
  • North American Warranty Coverage.
  • Less than 1% warranty return.

Dura-Lite™ Evolution® Benefits 

  • Continuous, consistent fuel economy.
  • Manufactured leak free.
  • Optimized power and emissions.
  • Reduced downtime.
  • Superior quality and warranty.
  • The most reliable Charge Air Cooler in the world.

* EPA Certified

Where required, Dura-Lite’s product has been certified to EPA standards. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) program “Self-Certification of After-Market Parts” is aimed at allowing after market manufacturers of light-duty automotive parts to certify their products to EPA emission standards to ensure that using these parts to replace the Original Equipment parts will not result in adverse effect on the applicable vehicle emissions. Dura-Lite™ has taken the initiative to certify its product where applicable through this program. This involved extensive testing in accordance with EPA and SAE recommended test procedures. The test results were compared to Original Equipment Manufacturers data and EPA emission standards with favorable results. The implication of this certification is that, based on the test results, the effect on vehicle emissions, of using a Dura-Lite™ Charge Air Cooler in a truck will be the same as or better than using its Original Equipment Manufacturer counterpart. Click here to visit the EPA website.