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SALE 40% DISCOUNT (40% OFF MSRP) Learn More

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Distribution Opportunities

Dura-Lite offers incredible manufacturing and distribution opportunities.

Want to become a distributor for Dura-Lite?

Dura-Lite has become a world leader in the heat transfer industry by manufacturing consistently high quality, technologically advanced, premium Charge Air Coolers, and other related products.

Dura-Lite is interested in establishing Distribution Channels in the diesel engine, vehicle, and equipment industries.

Dura-Lite would like to work with industry professionals who have a requirement to eliminate typical Charge Air Cooler thermal fatigue failure (OE design).

If you feel your company may qualify as a prospective Distributor for Dura-Lite™, please contact Dura-Lite Customer Support for more information.

Learn more about Dura-Lite’s our manufacturing opportunities.

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