Dura-Lite Heat Transfer Products Ltd.™ is a privately owned, Calgary, Alberta, Canada based manufacturer/ supplier of premium quality Charge Air Coolers (CAC), Radiators, and Charge Air Cooler Testing Equipment for all turbo-diesel powered equipment used in Transportation, Agricultural, Industrial, and other Applications.

Dura-Lite™ is a world leader in the heat transfer industry and has been manufacturing its patented Charge Air Coolers since 1990. Dura-Lite has manufacturing facilities in North America, Australia, and Asia.

Dura-Lite Products

Dura-Lite offers a number of different Charge Air Cooler and Radiator solutions for most applications.

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Product Catalog

Dura-Lite’s Product Catalogs provide access to the most up to date Cross References, Drawings, and Specifications for all Dura-Lite products.  

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Literature Center

Dura-Lite’s General Literature Center has information available to all visitors.

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Dura-Lite’s Literature Center gives approved User Accounts access to the most up to date Product Brochures, Reference Documents, Technical Documents, Bulletins, Forms, and much more.  

Product Registration

Dura-Lite’s Product Registration page gives Customers the opportunity to register Dura-Lite products in two ways. Complete and submit an online Product Registration Form or print a Product Registration Form and fax or mail it back to Dura-Lite. 

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Leaking CAC Calculator

Dura-Lite’s Leaking CAC Calculator page gives visitors an opportunity to enter current Fuel Cost, Fuel Economy, and Average Trip Per Day (Mileage) into the Leaking CAC Calculator to calculate the cost of a leaking Charge Air Cooler and determine what Dura-Lite™ Could Save You.

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Dura-Lite’s Support section gives visitors access to important information about Dura-Lite.

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