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Replace your leaking charge air cooler today!

Dura-Lite’s patented Charge Air Cooler design allows us to offer the best warranty in the business, an industry leading 7-year, million-mile guarantee.
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What are common symptoms of non-performing charge air coolers?

Dura-Lite estimates 40% of trucks 2 years or older, have charge air coolers that are leaking out of the engine manufacturers’ specifications. If you are experiencing any of the following, it’s time to contact Dura-Lite and replace your charge air cooler.

Loss of engine power
Increased fuel consumption
Elevated soot levels in your oil
Premature piston, ring, and valve failure
Turbocharger or exhaust manifold failure
Elevated coolant temperatures

Have a leaking charge air cooler?

The only way to accurately determine if a charge air cooler is leaking is to do a pressure test. Testing is quick and easy. It usually takes about 20 minutes using a Dura-Lite Tester-Kit.

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