A Replacement Charge Air Cooler That Will Outlast Your Truck

Better than your original equipment, backed by the 7-year, million-mile guarantee.

Replacement charge air coolers for heavy duty needs.

No other charge air cooler in the market today offers the longevity and performance of Dura-Lite.

evolution charge air cooler replacement

Evolution® Charge Air Cooler

  • Dura-Lite’s patented high-temperature silicone grommet tube-to-header seal system.
  • Reinforced tanks to reduce premature failure and reduce downtime.
  • Offset outer fin design provides consistent performance by minimizing the buildup of debris.
  • Dyno tested to optimize performance, power and emissions.
  • Engineered for performance, improved fuel economy and durability/longevity. EPA Certified.
  • Manufactured leak-free. Tested underwater to ensure it is leak-free before leaving the factory.

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eliminator charge air cooler

Eliminator® Charge Air Cooler

  • Manufactured to eliminate the typical tube-to-header failure and resulting leakage.
  • Professionally engineered as a direct original equipment (OE) replacement.
  • Meets or exceeds original equipment (OE) heat transfer performance.
  • Superior quality and durability against other aftermarket and OE charge air coolers.
  • An affordable option for optimized power, emissions and renewed fuel economy.
  • No core charge, and manufactured leak-free.

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Charge Air Coolers Engineered to Outperform Original Equipment, Built To Last Forever

Decades of real-world research, engineering, fabrication design, and field experience have been brought to bear on one objective; building a better charge air cooler. Not all charge air coolers are created equal. Take no chances on this integral part of your engine’s performance.

Optimized power and emissions = more power per litre/gallon, and less waste overall
More consistent fuel economy = cost savings in fuel
Increased engine longevity = cost savings in premature upgrades/replacements
Reduced downtime = your fleet stays on the road for longer

What it takes to build the world’s best charge air cooler


Each Evolution® charge air cooler is designed using the most advanced software, tools, and technologies.


Prior to designing a Dura-Lite™ Evolution® charge air cooler, the OE product is inspected, documented, and photographed in the OE installation.


Each new Dura-Lite design references the OE product as the baseline for the design.


The OE product is Wind Tunnel Performance Tested (when required).


The OE product is 3D Scanned and modeled as the baseline for the Dura-Lite design.


Each new Dura-Lite design package consists of component and assembly drawings, manufacturing fixtures, inspection fixtures, and packaging drawings that are strictly controlled by Dura-Lite’s document control system.


A Performance Analysis is completed for each Dura-Lite design to confirm it will meet the engine specifications of the applicable engine used in the OE installation.


All Tooling required for manufacturing purposes is CNC machined for precision.


The first off prototype Manifolds are 3D Scanned, a complete CAD Inspection is performed, and a formal Inspection Report completed. The Manifold Inspection Report is then referenced to make any necessary Manifold Tooling adjustments.


Each component is prototyped, inspected, measured, and a formal Inspection Report completed.

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