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Charge Air Coolers For Kenworth Trucks

Dura-Lite offers a wide selection of charge air coolers to fit Kenworth trucks. Every Dura-Lite charge air cooler is designed with durability in mind. With proper care and maintenance, your Dura-Lite charge air cooler will last for many years to come.

An engine with a leaking charge air cooler will waste fuel and lose power. By design, the Dura-Lite Evolution® charge air cooler will save you money and time, keeping you out of the shop and on the road for longer. It is the most reliable charge air cooler on the market.

Dura-Lite’s extensive charge air cooler offering for different Kenworth truck models includes the C500, C500B, T600, T600A, T660, T680, T800, T800B, T800H, T800HH, T800W, T880, W900, W900A, W900B, and W900L. Our Evolution charge coolers for Kenworth trucks are designed to operate in harsh environments and maximize uptime.

Charge air coolers reduce the temperature of compressed air from the turbocharger before it enters the intake manifold and the engine. A charge air cooler reduces the temperature from around 450°F as it exits the turbo to only 40°F above the ambient air temperature as it enters the intake manifold. The charge air cooler works in much the same way as a radiator, except a charge air cooler cools the hot turbo air and a radiator cools the engine coolant. Charge air coolers have a core with tubes and metal fins that dissipate the heat from the compressed turbo air, increasing its density.

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When developing a charge air cooler for a Kenworth truck model, our product engineers ensure each Evolution charge air cooler is designed and built to last using the strongest materials in the industry.

Dura-Lite Evolution charge air coolers for Kenworth trucks are designed with our Patented High Temperature Silicone Leak-Free Grommet Seal System to eliminate the common problem associated with OE and aftermarket charge air coolers which is the tube-to-header joint failure and resulting leakage. The advanced features and durability of our Evolution charge air cooler allow Dura-Lite to offer a 7-year, million-mile guarantee.

To learn how a Dura-Lite Evolution charge air cooler for your Kenworth truck can add years to your vehicle’s service life, contact us today for charge air coolers and more! In addition to our inventory of Kenworth charge air coolers, we also carry heavy-duty radiators for Kenworth and most other vehicles.

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