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How to Select the Right Truck Radiator for You

Everyone knows that having steam billowing out from under your hood while on the road is no good. It can be a minor inconvenience or a total catastrophe as far as your engine is concerned. That’s why Dura-Lite carries a wide inventory of heavy-duty replacement truck radiators and charge air coolers designed to keep your truck or fleet on the road.

When it’s time to replace a component in your cooling system, there are some important things to consider.

FAQs About Replacing Heavy-Duty Truck Radiators and Charge Air Coolers

What are the advantages/disadvantages of copper/brass vs. aluminum radiators?

When it comes to copper/brass versus aluminum radiators, they are typically manufactured much differently. With conventional copper/brass core radiators, the fins are bonded to the tubes (coolant passages) using low melting temperature solder. Plastic aluminum core radiator fins and tubes are brazed at a high temperature in a controlled atmosphere which can result in an improved bond, corrosion resistance, and longevity.

Copper/brass radiators, were the standard for the original equipment (OE) manufacturers on new trucks for a very long time in the industry. They can be disassembled for cleaning purposes and repaired easily at the right facility. As OE manufacturers searched for weight saving materials, plastic aluminum radiators became the norm and more of a consumable/ recyclable part than a repairable part.

What is the recommended engine-operating temperature range?

When it comes to operating temperatures, higher operating temperatures will burn fuel more efficiently. However, higher operating temperatures can also cause parts to fail quicker over time. Depending on the engine manufacturer and operating conditions, the standard operating temperature is typically below 200°F.

How is the size of a radiator determined?

When it comes to radiator size, it’s determined by the OE engine manufacturer based on the amount of engine heat to be dissipated. A replacement radiator will typically match the OE design and in some applications based on the original radiator design (typically copper/brass) it may be possible to add an additional row of tubes, use dimpled tubes, and change the fin type.

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Why Choose Dura-Lite?

When it comes to heavy-duty truck radiators, Dura-Lite is a proven name in the industry. Our heavy-duty radiators are specifically designed for heavy-duty trucks, transit buses, motorcoaches, motorhomes, as well as the industrial, agricultural, and construction markets.

At Dura-Lite, we’ve increased the reliability of our copper/brass Heavy-Duty Bolt-On Steel Tank Radiators by adding additional structural support where it matters the most to extend the longevity. Our Heavy-Duty Plastic Tank Radiators are manufactured with stronger fiber-reinforced tanks to prevent the stress cracking that’s so common with less flexible plastic-tank radiators.

At Dura-Lite, we offer a higher level of durability and solutions to most of the problems faced by drivers, keeping you out of the truck shop and on the road! Our Heavy-Duty Plastic Tank Radiators offer heavier gauge headers for unsurpassed durability, in addition to extra header-stiffening plates to eliminate leaks. These reinforced headers and extra-stiffening plates are designed to prevent leaks from happening between the header, and the tanks and tubes. Our headers include extra-deep crimp tabs, a reinforced tank crimp area on the tanks, in addition to extra stainless-steel, and outer crimp strips to reinforce applications with traditional style crimp designs.

All of our radiators have a high-efficiency core design and reinforced tubes to provide an added level of strength.

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In addition to our inventory of high-quality radiators, we also offer a wide selection of charge air coolers to meet a variety of applications. For over 30-years, Dura-Lite has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality air charge coolers, radiators, and charge air cooler testing equipment, developing a reputation for being reliable and providing outstanding services.

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