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How to Tell if You Have a Failing Cummins Intercooler

Your Cummins intercooler system is installed between your engine and turbocharger and is designed to lower the temperature of the compressed air generated by your turbocharger. As one of today’s leading sellers of intercoolers for Cummins engines, the team from Dura-Lite wanted to give you some pointers on how to determine if yours is damaged, so read on!

Causes of Intercooler Failure

Whether you have a Cummins intercooler or another brand, the causes of failure will be the same. In most cases, failure is due to a leak between the connecting lines of the intercooler and your engine, debris damage, or cooler internal failure from vibration. Failures causes a drop in the pressure of the compressed air into the engine and loss of power.

Symptoms of a Damaged Intercooler

One of the most common symptoms of a damaged intercooler is when you experience a loss of engine power. The most common result of this issue is when your exhaust starts emitting a cloud of black smoke because of a leaking intercooler which causes incomplete combustion from a rich fuel/air ratio.

When you have a damaged intercooler, your vehicle’s turbocharger spins faster than usual while the air boost to the engine is less. If you suspect you have a damaged or leaking intercooler, then you should have it inspected immediately by a professional or use our intercooler test kit to determine the rate of your leak.

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Dura-Lite offers an intercooler tester. The kit comes complete with everything you need to safely pressure test your intercooler on your vehicle. Testing is as easy as checking your oil and can tell you in 20 minutes or less how much air your intercooler is leaking. The resulting savings by finding a leak and replacing the intercooler can be huge. If you have a fleet of vehicles, you can save thousands of dollars a month with a simple testing program as part of your routine maintenance. Check out our Leaking Intercooler Calculator and start saving today!

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If you suspect your intercooler has a leak or needs to be replaced, get in touch with Dura-Lite today online or call (800) 661-1117. In addition to our inventory of intercoolers, we also carry heavy-duty radiators for most vehicles.

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