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Dura-Lite Charge Air Cooler & Truck Radiator Company

Dura-Lite is a manufacturer and supplier of premium quality charge air coolers (CAC), radiators, and charge air cooler testing equipment for over 29-years.

About Us

Dura-Lite is a privately owned, Calgary, Alberta, Canada based manufacturer/ supplier of premium quality Charge Air Coolers (CAC), Radiators, and Charge Air Cooler Testing Equipment for all turbo-diesel powered equipment used in heavy-duty truck, transit bus, motorcoach, motorhome, industrial, agricultural, and construction markets. Dura-Lite is a world leader in the heat transfer industry and has been manufacturing its patented Charge Air Coolers since 1992. Dura-Lite has manufacturing facilities in North America, Australia, and Asia.

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Helping our customers keep their promises

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We offer a large selection of charge air cooler and radiator solutions to meet your performance and durability needs.