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2007 North American Frost & Sullivan Customer Service Leadership of the Year Award for Commercial Vehicle Engine Cooling Components

Dura-Lite was the recipient of the 2007 North American Frost & Sullivan Customer Service Leadership of the Year Award for Commercial Vehicle Engine Cooling Components in the North American commercial vehicle aftermarket. Frost & Sullivan’s selection process stated they did not accept nominations or submissions for their Frost & Sullivan Awards. The selection of the Award was a result of their in-depth interviews and primary market analysis conducted by their industry analyst team.

Frost & Sullivan determined that, “Dura-Lite™ had best responded to the needs of distributors and fleet owners purchasing Charge Air Coolers for medium and heavy-duty trucks. By developing patented manufacturing technologies, it has successfully resolved longstanding leakage problems with this product and improved customers’ overall experience”.

Their research showed Dura-Lite™ to be the market leader in the category. By offering the best warranty in the world, Dura-Lite™ had responded to demands for better products and better service while supporting its leadership position with its growing product line.

Frost & Sullivan additionally noted that, “also supporting Dura-Lite’s position as the customer service leader is the broadest application coverage in the aftermarket. The company carries Charge Air Coolers that fit approximately 500 vehicle applications, including some of the rarest commercial trucks in use. Many competing manufacturers focus their production on the fastest-moving part numbers and applications with the highest failure rates. By keeping an inventory with all makes and models coverage, Dura-Lite™ makes it easy for distributors to get all the parts they need from a single vendor”.

Frost & Sullivan concluded that “Dura-Lite™ has become the leading manufacturer of Charge Air Coolers in the North American commercial truck aftermarket by best anticipating and meeting the needs of its customers. The company has identified and fixed persisting problems with the performance of Charge Air Coolers. It has also provided the broadest product range and the best product guarantee in the industry, making it the company with which most distributors and fleet owners prefer to do business and an example to other medium-duty and heavy-duty truck parts manufacturers that are striving to grow their businesses”.

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