Mack Heavy Duty Radiators

Mack Heavy Duty RadiatorDura-Lite heavy duty Mack radiators have lead the field in cooling for over three decades. Stronger fiber-reinforced tanks, reinforced headers and extra header stiffening plate. High efficiency core design with reinforced heavy gauge tubes leads to stronger, tougher and longer lasting heavy duty Mack radiators.

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Mack Models:

Mack 612
Mack 613
Mack 712
Mack 713
Mack CH
Mack CH350
Mack CH613
Mack CHN
Mack CHN613
Mack CHU
Mack CHU613
Mack CL
Mack CL613
Mack CL713
Mack CL733
Mack Concrete Mixer
Mack CT
Mack CT713
Mack CTP
Mack CV

Mack CV613
Mack CV713
Mack CX
Mack CX Vision
Mack CX612
Mack CX613
Mack CX613 Vision
Mack CXN
Mack CXN Vision
Mack CXN612
Mack CXN613
Mack CXP
Mack CXU
Mack CXU Series
Mack CXU613
Mack CXV
Mack CXV613
Mack DM
Mack DM690S
Mack Dump Truck

Mack Garbage Truck
Mack Granite
Mack Great Lakes
Mack GU
Mack GU712
Mack GU713
Mack GU813
Mack LE
Mack LE600
Mack LE613
Mack LEU
Mack LEU612
Mack LEU613
Mack Midliner CS200
Mack Midliner CS250
Mack Mixer
Mack MR
Mack MR600
Mack MR688S
Mack MRU

Mack MRU612
Mack MRU613
Mack MRU688S
Mack Phoenix Mixer
Mack Pinnacle
Mack R
Mack R688ST
Mack RD
Mack RD600
Mack RD688S
Mack RD690S
Mack Refuse Truck
Mack RL
Mack RS
Mack Sanitation Truck
Mack Superliner
Mack Terrapro
Mack Terrapro TE64
Mack Titan
Mack Vision

What our customers say:

Thank you Dura-Lite for making quality products that last.

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