Volvo Heavy Duty Charge Air Coolers

Volvo Heavy Duty Charge Air CoolerDura-Lite Volvo heavy duty charge air coolers are the most reliable in the world. For over 28 years, our Patented High Temperature Silicone Grommet Tube-To-Header Seal System has lead the industry. A high quality Dura-Lite Volvo heavy duty charge air cooler is integral to the performance of your engine. More power, less fuel!

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Volvo Models:

Volvo 42T
Volvo 610
Volvo 630
Volvo 64T
Volvo 64T Series
Volvo 64T630
Volvo 660
Volvo 670
Volvo 730
Volvo 770
Volvo 780
Volvo 880
Volvo A40D
Articulating Loader
Volvo ACL
Volvo ACL64
Volvo ACL64B
Volvo ACX
Volvo ACX64
Volvo Aero WCA
Volvo Articulating Loader
Volvo COE
Volvo Conventional
Volvo D12

Volvo Dump Truck
Volvo FE
Volvo Garbage Truck
Volvo Loader
Volvo Refuse Truck
Volvo Sanitation Truck
Volvo T630
Volvo VAH
Volvo VHD
Volvo VHD104F
Volvo VHD84B
Volvo VHD84C
Volvo VHD86B
Volvo Vision
Volvo VN
Volvo VN Series
Volvo VN610
Volvo VN630
Volvo VN64T
Volvo VN660
Volvo VN670
Volvo VN770
Volvo VN780

Volvo VNL
Volvo VNL Series
Volvo VNL42T
Volvo VNL610
Volvo VNL630
Volvo VNL64T
Volvo VNL64T630
Volvo VNL660
Volvo VNL670
Volvo VNL730
Volvo VNL770
Volvo VNL780
Volvo VNM
Volvo VNM610
Volvo VNM64T
Volvo VNR
Volvo VNX
Volvo VT
Volvo VT Series
Volvo VT2
Volvo VT880
Volvo WAH
Volvo WC

Volvo WCA
Volvo WCL
Volvo WCM
Volvo WCS
Volvo WG
Volvo WG Series
Volvo WX64
Volvo WXLL
Volvo WXLL42
Volvo WXLL64
Volvo WXR
Volvo Xpeditor
Volvo Xpeditor ACX
Volvo Xpeditor WX
Volvo Xpeditor WX64
Volvo Xpeditor WXLL
Volvo Xpeditor WXLL42
Volvo Xpeditor WXLL64
Volvo Xpeditor WXR

What our customers say:

Dura-Lite’s unique design holds up against the punishment of the road so well that it’s warrantied for a million miles. That’s a no-brainer. Be sure to test often and always ask for a genuine Dura-Lite Charge Air Cooler.

Kevin Rutherford

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