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SALE 40% DISCOUNT (40% OFF MSRP) Learn More

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Evolution Charge Air Cooler

Our Evolution® charge air coolers are engineered for performance, economy and durability.

Why choose a Dura-Lite Evolution Charge Air Cooler?

The Evolution charge air cooler could save you up to $100K per year on fuel with a fleet of 15 vehicles!

An engine with a leaking charge air cooler will waste fuel and lose power. By design, the Dura-Lite Evolution charge air cooler will save you money and time, keeping you out of the shop and on the road for longer. It is the most reliable charge air cooler on the market.

Dura-Lite’s patented high-temperature silicone grommet tube-to-header seal system allows the tubes to expand and contract in the grommet/header, which eliminates the typical tube-to-header failure and resulting leakage.
Tanks are reinforced to reduce premature failure and reduce downtime.
Dura-Lite’s offset outer fin design provides consistent performance by minimizing the buildup of debris.
Dyno tested to optimize performance, power and emissions.
Dura-Lite charge air coolers are engineered for performance, improved fuel economy and durability/longevity. EPA Certified.
Manufactured leak-free. Each charge air cooler is tested underwater to ensure it is leak-free before leaving the factory.

1. Sidepiece thickness is 344% THICKER THAN most competitor products
2. Header thickness (at the web) is 100% THICKER THAN most competitors
3. Manifold thickness is 69% THICKER THAN most competitors
4. Tube thickness (at the nose) is 135% THICKER THAN most competitors
5. Fin thickness is 50% THICKER THAN typical competitor

The Dura-Lite Difference

Evolution Charge Air Cooler

Patented high temperature silicone leak-free grommet seal system.

Typical Charge Air Cooler

Thermal fatigue failure from constant expansion and contraction.

7-year, million-mile guarantee

The most reliable charge air cooler in the world.

The advanced features and durability of the Evolution allow us to offer a 7-year, million-mile guarantee.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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We offer a large selection of charge air cooler and radiator solutions to meet your performance and durability needs.