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Dura-Lite is a supplier of premium quality charge air coolers (CAC), radiators, and charge air cooler testing equipment for over 30-years.

Products built with durability in mind

Dura-Lite offers hundreds of different Charge Air Coolers and Radiators for turbo-diesel powered equipment for the following applications; Agricultural, Bus, Cement Mixers, Classes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 Trucks, Coach, Construction, Fire Trucks, Generators and Power Units, Government, Marine, Military, Motorhome, Off-Highway Vehicles, Oil Field, On-Highway Vehicles, Recreational, Refuse, Stationary, Transit, Vocational, and many others.

Charge Air Coolers

Dura-Lite’s patented Evolution® Charge Air Cooler design is radically different and more durable than any other in the marketplace. The advantages allow Dura-Lite the ability to offer the best warranty in the business, an incomparable 7-year, million-mile guarantee on most part numbers. This warranty remains unmatched in the industry.

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Charge Air Coolers
Truck Radiators


Dura-Lite Long Life Truck Radiators are manufactured with stronger fiber-reinforced tanks, heavier stronger headers for unsurpassed durability, and extra header-stiffening plate to help ensure our radiators remain durable and last for longer.

Replacements available for most applications. Dura-Lite radiators are specially designed for the heavy-duty truck, transit bus, motorcoach, motorhome, industrial, agricultural, and construction markets.

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Charge Air Cooler (CAC) Testers

Dura-Lite’s Tester-Kit is designed to be used to pressure test Charge Air Coolers in a safe and efficient manner. The Kit comes complete with everything required to pressure test most Charge Air Coolers. With the Dura-Lite Tester-Kit, testing the Charge Air Cooler will become as automatic as checking the oil and will give you confidence in knowing that an engine is performing at the performance levels required.

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Charge Air Coolers

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